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Why Adopt Coaching/Mentoring Approach?

The coaching and mentoring process is now formally recognised as being one of the fastest growing methods of developing skills and talent within business.

Progressive employers appreciate and value the importance of investing in the development of their people.

The business benefits of planned coaching and mentoring schemes and strategic HR tools are numerous. Organisations which have incorporated focused coaching and mentoring development programmes, report some spectacular successes.

Training on its own is said to increase productivity by 22%. In contrast, Training & Coaching is said to increase productivity by 88%.

33% of employees who have not been coached and/or mentored are looking for another job after 12 months. In contrast, only 16% of employees who have been coached/mentored are looking for another job after 12 months.

Coaching and Mentoring is now accepted as the most effective way to enhance Growth and Change Management.

Plenary Session – The 2nd Annual Coaching & Mentoring Conference Europe. September 1999.

A wide-ranging impact with recognised benefits for

  • The Business
  • The Coach/Mentor
  • The Mentee

We are offering an opportunity to find out more about Coaching & Mentoring, through a programme designed to suit you and your business.

At the end of this programme you will

  • Be able to use coaching & mentoring as a business improvement tool
  • Have developed an awareness of different learning styles
  • Have assessed and gained an insight into your own individual coaching style
  • Be able to apply a proven model in the coaching/mentoring process
  • Be aware of the importance of and the need for active listening
  • Have practised giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Have practised and gained confidence in applying the management techniques used in the coaching/mentoring process.

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