History & Background of Leading Edge Consultancy

Leading Edge Consultancy is an innovative company set up in 1993 to provide a practical performance related service by developing Individuals, Teams and their Organisations.

Research & Design

It does this through the research, design and delivery of a wide range of training courses and workshops that meet and satisfy the real needs of their clients.

Although this is recognised as the main remit, LEC also provides consultancy and offers a broad range of coaching & mentoring services. As with training, this is on a one-to-one, team, department or company wide basis.

Use existing training material

Whilst we usually research and design all our own material, we are equally comfortable picking up any in-house manuals, case-studies, exercises and packs already in place, and using them in our delivery, if this best suits the client.

LEC are able to provide the attention and service you would expect from a small but expanding organisation, with the broad range of knowledge, expertise and resources, usually associated with a larger group.

Experience in all business sectors

With experience in the Private, Public, Educational and Voluntary Sectors, everything we do is designed to meet and satisfy your specific needs.

We adopt a professional and business like approach with all our clients but we work especially hard to ensure that whilst you learn you enjoy the actual process.

80+ years experience

LEC have a core of senior partners who have more than 80 years management and training experience between them. They are supported by a network of associates who also have broad-based consultancy and training skills.

Wide experience and expertise exists across most sectors, types of organisation and specialisms.

LEC have designed and developed courses and materials to suit and satisfy the needs of a wide range of clients across the UK industrial spectrum.

Get in Touch

If you feel there is an area of training and development where we can assist you, simply fill in the form alongside and we will get right back to you.

Alternatively, call us direct on 0131 453 3291 to discuss the matter in more detail, or arrange a meeting where we can go over things face to face.