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Assertiveness Skills Training

Assertiveness Skills Training

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For those who need to learn more about assertive behaviour. It will also explore the effects of aggressive & non-assertive behaviour.

People, who are assertive, can comfortably give to others and find pleasure in the giving. They can also take from others and graciously ask for assistance when required.

Assertive people use a variety of techniques, depending on the situation. They can either be gentle, or strong.

This course will demonstrate that Assertiveness is a “Tool” we can all learn to use and it will show how being assertive, can help you be more effective in your job.

Through a variety of exercises and role-plays, it will also make you consider how to make best use of this new tool in a number of different situations.

Participants will also consider the characteristics of aggressive and non-assertive behaviour and look at the short- and long-term effects of behaving this way.

By the end of the course you will recognise the characteristics of these behaviour types and you should know how to handle yourself, situations and others confidently. So that you can carry out your work efficiently without causing yourself or others any distress.

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