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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Course

The Presentation Skills course is designed for those who are new to making presentations, or for those who feel they need to improve their skill in this area.

More people are being asked to make presentations these days. Whether it be to potential customers, their peer group, to senior management or to a variety of other individuals/organisations, they could make a better job of it.

Bearing in mind the amount of change that is taking place within most organisations, everyone needs to ensure that whatever message they are delivering, they do it clearly and convincingly.

This course will look at the image you present to your audience and will also look at how you should structure your presentation. Covers the “Opening”, “Main Body” and “Closure” and also covers question handling techniques.

A small amount of pre-course work is usually required and it is normal (but optional) for video camera equipment to be used during the presentations.

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