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For those who need to improve their own (and perhaps others) Time Management.

Everyone can improve their service to others by improving their use of time. We all suffer from time pressure, we all develop bad habits and it’s a well-known fact that feeling “out of control” leads to stress. In addition to this, Time Management is now considered to be a necessary management skill.

Areas covered during the course, will include:- Planning, Prioritising, Procrastination, Prime Time, Delegation and Assertiveness. Candidates will be encouraged to consider all of these headings and recognise why Time Management is so important.

For their own use, participants will be encouraged to keep a “time-log” for a week before the course.

This course will raise awareness of time inefficient behaviour within individual working practices.

Through a variety of individual and group exercises, you will  develop an understanding of the skills necessary for improvement.

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